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Mobile Devices

In a world increasingly connected by mobile devices, many people have their whole lives stored on them.

Photos, contact information, text messages, emails, even information contained on banking apps, the risk of losing important data and priceless memories is very real. So is the risk of having data stolen.

If this happens to you, all is not lost. CYFI can help recover your data and accounts.

  • Call History
  • Photo and Video Library
  • Apps Installed and Used
  • Location History
  • Calendars and Contacts
  • Browser History
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Computer Forensics

In cases of computer data breach, we can run a full-spectrum scan and analysis of your computers, databases and network, running a full forensics image examination on either a physical, logical or file system level and scope.

We provide forensics services for Desktops, Laptops and Servers.

Forensics examination includes:

  • Email, Contacts and Calendars
  • Web Browser – history, cache, cookies
  • Applications – installed, uninstalled, used
  • Documents – created, modified, accessed, deleted, copied
  • System Log Analysis
  • Log-based Event Reconstruction
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Data Recovery

This can be performed on all digital artifacts. Our industry standard tools and software allow for deeper and more thorough scans, enabling us to find and recover files that may have been thought to be lost.

In the movie production industry for example, just one video file can represent vast amounts of time and money. The loss or compromise of one file or folder could mean significant financial setback for that studio.

Our data services include:

  • Repair damaged/corrupt boot sectors
  • Recover
    • Deleted Data – accidental and intentional
    • Hidden Files – virus, trojans, etc.
    • Deleted Partitions
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Electronic Discovery is an extensive process that is part of the litigation procedure. This litigation process involves reviewing and sharing Electronically Stored Information (ESI).

ESI data can include metadata, audio and video files, voicemail, text messages, IM chats, documents, data residing in a database, social app and website data.

To be forensically sound, a data collection process must be defensible in court, repeatable and well documented.

Our eDiscovery process includes:

  • Employment Litigations
  • Civil and Commercial Litigations
  • Criminal and Internal Investigations
  • Compliance and Best Practices Audit
  • Expert Witness Testimony
A Car Dealership


At CYFI AUTO, we can ensure that your dealership is compliant with the 9 FTC Dealership Requirements. Our cybersecurity experts can assess your current cybersecurity program and help you meet the requirements. We will also provide employee training and incident response planning to help you prevent and respond to cyber threats.

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