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Mobile Devices

Whether it's call, messaging, or browser history, picture and video collections, or even app and geolocation information, you'll find it here. These can be recovered using our well-known Mobile Device services.

Computer Forensics

Emails, different file types, browser records, data from applications, and more in-depth device data can all be retrieved using our computer forensic services. Desktops, laptops, and servers all encompass computer forensics.

Data Recovery

Deleted data or partitions, whether deliberate or accidental, as well as secret files such as viruses or trojans, are all recoverable. If you need to fix damaged or corrupt boot sectors, these services will help.


Our eDiscovery services can be used in a variety of cases, including civil, commercial, and criminal cases. These facilities can also be used for expert witness testimony. Do you have any concerns about compliance? We also conduct audits.

How can forensic services help you?

If you're investigating crimes or internal policy violations, employment litigation or corporate intellectual property concerns or an individual needing data recovery, CYFI is here to help. Our experts can help your law practice with; Legal protocols, constraints and methodologies that may be considerably different than the ones applied to criminal cases.

Whether you are an individual looking for data recovery services or a thriving law-practice needing trial support and expert witness testimony our experts can help you with tailored solutions.

For companies small and large, CYFI is here to help!

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When Do You Need Us?

Employment, Civil, and Commercial Litigations

  • Investigations of violations which occur outside of criminal statutes
  • Expert analysis

Internal Investigations

  • Establish timelines and provide expert analysis
  • Identify and track occurrences of violations, the compromise/ theft of data and breach of network and computer security

Criminal Investigations

  • When digital evidence is needed for investigation
  • Identify and Trace digital footprints
  • Uncover hidden and deleted files for evidence
  • Establish Timeline of events

Security and Compliance Audits

  • Regulatory Compliance and Best Practice Audits
  • Internal Policy Violations and Data Breaches
  • Systems and Network Security
  • Vulnerability Assessments and Anomaly Detection

Expert Witness Testimony

  • Proper Evidence collection, handling and documentation
  • Expert analysis
  • Established and approved protocols and best methodologies practices

Education & Trainings

  • Continuing Professional Education
    • Corporate
    • Civilian
  • Continuing Legal Education
    • Attorney
  • Digital Forensics Training
    • Law Enforcement
    • Civilian
Cyber Attack

Have you been the victim of a cyber-attack?

If you’re wondering what now, CYFI experts can help you.

A quick and precise response to a cyber-attack is crucial. The solution often requires in-depth knowledge of digital devices and sifting through extremely large amounts of confusing data that can be both intimidating and confusing.

A digital forensics investigation is the first step in your Incident Response and towards recovering from the cyber incident.

Speak with one of our experts today at 215-957-1650 and begin the journey to understanding how your data was affected and what steps to take to move forward.

Industries we Serve

Law Enforcement

Law Firms and Litigation

Software & Consulting

Employment Sourcing





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Core strengths of CYFI are grounded in Cybersecurity and Digital Forensics Research and Development work. CYFI was created to fulfill a need for high-quality, rapid delivery digital forensics services. Our core team of experts have over 20 years of Digital Forensics and Cybersecurity experience. With industry recognized certifications, superior educational backgrounds, and government/law enforcement training; there is no job too big or too small.

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