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The digital age has changed forensics forever. That’s why Cybertek Forensics exists: for modern-day forensics and security. We’re here to help you uncover evidence, investigate and track violations, recover lost data, and do systems and security audits. We even offer education and continued ed training CLE Courses for lawyers, law enforcement, and civilian professionals about digital forensics. Want to know more about how we can help you? Read the helpful information below.

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Mobile Devices: How We Can Help

We practically live on our mobile phones. If a smartphone is not the alarm that someone wakes up to, it’s most likely the first thing they pick up after waking up. More interconnected than ever, people email, text, and call from their phone hundreds of times a day, and that’s not including all the apps and websites they use in the time in between. With our team of digital forensic specialists, we help lawyers, law enforcement, corporations, and civilians recover data, including call history, SMS/MMS, photo and video libraries, location history, apps installations and use, calendars, contacts, and browser history. So, whether you’re building a case, recovering lost data from a data leak, or compiling evidence, we’re here to help.

Desktop Computers: How We Can Help

Our expertise goes beyond mobile phones. Our specialist team can provide a full forensics examination on desktop computers. Our forensics services for desktops includes a full scan of the computer including its databases and network. Depending on what you need, we also do image examinations that include a scan and analysis of emails, contacts, and calendars, web browser activity, app installations and use, all documents (even deleted or copied), system log analysis, and log-based event reconstruction. Even if you’re looking to find files or activity that has been hidden or deleted, our digital forensics specialists are trained to find that data.

Data Recovery: How We Can Help

Sometimes, the loss of data can be inconvenient, like when you lost a word document you’ve been writing all day. But, when the loss of data becomes expensive or impossible to recreate, that’s when a team of digital forensic specialists can help. We can help businesses, studios, corporations, and civilians recover data that has been lost. Recovering this lost data can help avoid additional cost by helping recover work created through hundreds of work hours, whether it be footage, documents, client information, etc. We can help repair damaged or corrupted boot sectors. We can also help recover accidentally or intentionally deleted data, hidden files that contain viruses or trojans, and deleted partitions.

How Digital Forensics Can Help You Anywhere in the World

As digital forensic specialists, we’re here to help you find evidence, recover lost data, or help repair systems. We can help you recover data anywhere in the world. Our team members are used to handling all kinds of forensic clients, so whether it’s a criminal or civil legal case or you’re looking to recover data deleted by a disgruntled employee, we’re experienced and ready to help.

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