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Continuing education is a crucial piece in staying up to date and current with progress in your field. That’s why we provide Continued Legal Education (CLE) courses in digital forensics to lawyers, completely free of charge. With continued education on digital forensics you can strengthen your legal cases and grow your career. In this digital age, the more understanding you have of digital forensics, the more likely you are to build strong arguments and broaden the types of cases you can take on. Check out some more information on our CLE courses and sign up today!

CLE Courses

Accredited CLE Courses We Offer

We’re regularly updating and adding courses to our offerings. Our accredited courses cover digital forensics and the role it can play in your legal practice. We cover some of the most prolific digital forensics cases and how digital evidence changed their outcome. We also do deep dives into more specific digital forensics topics like mobile forensics, eDiscovery, and the dos and don’ts of maneuvering the cyber landscape. Our digital forensics experts have over 20 years of experience in the cybersecurity and forensics field and are dedicated to helping you better understand the field.

Our eDiscovery Course

If you’re a lawyer looking to produce evidence relevant to today’s modern digital world. Through eDiscovery, you’ll learn how to produce and present Electronically Stored Information (ESI) to help strengthen your case. With better understanding of the ESI recovered and collected in the investigation, you’ll be able to draft a clearer case. Our eDiscovery course helps you better understand computer hacking, digital contraband, white-collar crimes, and digital criminal activity. We hold regular courses, so be on the lookout for upcoming course dates.

Digital Forensics Law and Practice Course

In our free digital forensics law and practice CLE course, you’ll discover how digital forensics is relevant to almost every criminal and civil case. Because businesses and people live so interconnected via networks and systems, you’ll be amazed at how the digital forensics knowledge you pick up in class will help you strengthen your cases.

Between desktop and mobile electronically stored information (ESI), the evidence and data you uncover can completely change the outcome of a case. In this course, we’ll discuss some of the most well-known legal cases and how digital forensics played a part. We’ll talk about the Martha Stewart case, the Enron scandal, the DC sniper attacks, the 9-11 attacks, and more. By better understanding how digital forensics played a part in these cases, you’ll be able to clearly build your arguments, and explain to other members of your legal team and judges how digital evidence can sway and affect your case.

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Don’t let the complex world of digital forensics hamper your career growth. With free CLE courses by Cybertek Forensics, you’ll better understand the cyber evidence and information in your legal cases and build better arguments. Check out our upcoming courses and sign up for one today.

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